Monday, December 24, 2012

Random Thoughts at 3am

When I know there is a possible major winter storm coming up, my brain starts working overtime.  All kind of thoughts/concerns pop in and try to muddle my mind.  Wanted to share some of the random thoughts concerning the winter storm currently running through my head.

  • Worried that warmer air will work in and make more rain than snow.
  • Rain/snow lines are a real pain in my posterior.
  • I wish weather data from reliable computer models updated more frequently.
  • I am glad weather data from reliable computer models don't update more frequently.
  • After looking through data for several days in a row, everything starts to run together in my head and sometimes clouds my judgement.  Luckily, I still have my gut to rely on.
  • Wish I hadn't left all of my digital maps at home.  Makes trying to devise a way to create snow maps much more difficult.  Hmm... Not sure how I'm going to resolve that.
  • Always makes me laugh yet ticks me off when someone asks a question that is answered in the same post they are commenting on.
  • I am looking forward to seeing Monday morning's 12z computer model runs.  All the models should have a decent sample of the energy.
  • How will the wave emerge from the Rocky's?
  • Someone is going to get a LOT of snow!
  • Hoping everyone has a very merry Christmas.
  • Trying to figure out how I'm going to look at weather data, update my blog, yet still spend the day with family.  (I'm supposed to go shopping Monday with my uncle who likes to shop last minute for Christmas.)
  • I need sleep...


Jcwill said...

I love a weather geek! You are the man! Thanks John!

Sheena said...

I'm more concerned about you going shopping today. Eek. May the force be with you.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!