Wednesday, December 19, 2012

10am Weather Update - Random Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts as I look over data for this evening through Friday.

Keep in mind, I am trying to keep a weather eye on several locations including: southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, western Kentucky, St. Louis metro, central Indiana, Quad Cities (Illinois/Iowa) and Cedar Rapids.
  • My uncle is going to get a TON of snow. (Lives outside of Cedar Rapids.)
  • The European computer model is a little more bullish on the chance for accumulating snow in St. Louis.  Right now it is showing 0.5" to 0.9".
  • All overnight computer model runs are suggesting 1" to 2" of snow in Indianapolis.
  • I think the storm could develop a dry slot which would drastically reduce the snowfall amounts for central Indiana.
  • Instability is seriously lacking in southeast/eastern Missouri, southern Illinois and western Kentucky.  It will depend on what develops over southwest Missouri and western Arkansas as to whether or not there will be severe weather in the Heartland (southeast Missouri, southern Illinois and western Kentucky).
  • Temperatures are going to crash tomorrow morning in St. Louis.  Could drop 20° from 5am-12pm.  Wind chills could drop 40°.
  • Winds will be strong tomorrow!
  • The computer models are continuing their trend.  The post-Christmas storm has changed drastically.  Some take it further east and bypass Missouri altogether.
  • Hints we could get a little precipitation Christmas Eve along the Ohio River Valley.
I'll update as there are continued updates by the Storm Prediction Center and other data arrive.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the updates! You are still the best weather man miss you on channel 12!