Sunday, November 29, 2009

Looking Over the Next Week

Taking a look at some of the new data coming in from the 12z (6am CT) European weather computer model...

The storm advertised for Wednesday is a bit perplexing. It is still there, but the models seem to keep shifting it a little further south on each run. Tonight's Euro run is definately keeping it south.

The above map is for 6am CT Wednesday.

Notice how it takes the low ("L") is down along the Louisiana coast. Yesterday's run had it moving through northern Louisiana. This shift further south is making me wonder if all of the rain will stay south of the area Wednesday and just leave us with the clouds. Hmmm......?

It still looks like we will get a visit from the arctic air for Thursday and Friday. I just took the forecast highs/lows down a tad from where I had them for Heartland News at 5pm.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

12:00pm Weather Update

As first advertised last weekend, the cooler air has arrived. Take a look at temperatures from 12:00pm.

(Click on the graphic to see a larger version.)

Temperatures range from the lower 40's in southern Illinois to upper 40's around Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

Winds have also picked up from the northwest to the west at 10-20 mph with higher gusts.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Travel Season - Need to Know Information

Tis' the season to start traveling...

It always seems that the roads, skies, and trains start to get a little more packed this time of year. Everyone is headed to grandmother's house for this or that.

In an effort to make traveling a little less stressful, we have put together a page on that gives you all kinds of information. Here are a few of the resources on the page.
  • Road condition phone numbers for Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee
  • Links to road condition websites
  • Links to airlines' websites
  • Airport delay information
  • Weather forecast information
Follow this link to the page or just go to

Monday, November 23, 2009

11:00pm Weather Update

Did you catch Heartland News at 10pm, 10:29pm style tonight? Did you notice anything new or different on the StormTeam 7 Day Outlook?

Last night and again tonight I busted out my traditional turkey mascot on the StormTeam 7 Day Outlook.

In case you missed this year's versions...


Saturday Night's:

Do you have a favorite version?

By the way, I did drop temperatures Thursday afternoon by a couple of degrees. I still think there is a chance for a few snow flurries, especially in southern Illinois.

Looking just beyond the next 7 days, computer models are strongly suggesting a big chunk of cold air coming down out of northern Canada for the start of December. Stay tuned for more on this...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cold Turkey?

We are getting to the time of year where everyone likes to ask me what it is going to be like for the holidays. Unfortunately, it is a little early to be talking about Christmas, New Years, etc., but I can talk about Thanksgiving.

Even though it is still 4 1/2 days away, I can show you some of the data we pour through in the StormTeam Weather Center. Below is a snapshot of what the NWS's global forecast model is suggesting. There is a lot on the graphic, but let me help you digest it.

To begin with time runs from right to left on this specific program (called BUFKIT). The red line is the temperature at the surface. The colored vertical bars are precipitation. (Green-rain | Blue-snow | Orange-sleet) The gray splotches are where the model predicts there will be clouds.

The first thing that probably jumps out at you is the green bars. That is indicating the chance of rain we have in the forecast for Tuesday. The rain will develop ahead/along a cold front that is going to clip the area. It isn't anything to be too concerned about. The model is putting out only 0.11" of rain through the day.

Take a closer look at the red line. Note how it is showing temperatures in the upper 40's for highs behind the cold front Wednesday.

Keep following the line to the left. It brings in high temperatures of only the lower 40's for Thursday (Thanksgiving). Just below the red line notice all the clouds it brings in with the system for Thursday. That is what will likely keep temperatures feeling cold that day. Last night the models were still indicating highs in the upper 40's to lower 50's. I figured we'd be colder than that with cloud cover so I went with a high of 45° with the idea I would probably be dropping the temps more for this evening's forecast. After seeing this, I will most likely be doing so.

With all the low level moisture in the form of clouds, notice how the model is trying to drop some snow flurries or some sleet to the area. There is very little moisture. When you add up with the model is spitting out, it comes to a whopping 0.008" of liquid. That would equate to a few flurries. I don't think it is entirely out of the question we could see a few flurries floating through the air that day. Typically with this type of system, the cold air in place, and all the low clouds we often do see some "snow flurry-age".

As I like to say, stay tuned...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Free Wifi for the Holidays

Some of you may know that I am big fan of traveling, especially if it involves airports.

I was searching around on the internet today and came across a press release from Google that really caught my attention.

Google is offering free wifi at 47 select airports around the country. The company is calling this their "Holiday Gift".

This is a great deal if you are going to be spending time in airports. Plus, if you are traveling over the holidays, there seems to be more delays in the air traffic system so this should at least help keep you entertained.

Typically, you can expect to pay $8-$15 per day of internet access in airports.

Here is the list of airports included in the "gift".

  • Austin (AUS)
  • Baltimore (BWI)
  • Billings (BIL)
  • Boston (BOS)
  • Bozeman (BZN)
  • Buffalo (BUF)
  • Burbank (BUR)
  • Central Wisconsin (CWA)
  • Charlotte (CLT)
  • Des Moines (DSM)
  • El Paso (ELP)
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
  • Fort Myers/SW (RSW)
  • Greensboro (GSO)
  • Houston (HOU)
  • Houston Bush (IAH)
  • Indianapolis (IND)
  • Jacksonville (JIA)
  • Kalamazoo (AZO)
  • Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Louisville (SDF)
  • Madison (MSN)
  • Memphis (MEM)
  • Miami (MIA)
  • Milwaukee (MKE)
  • Monterey (MRY)
  • Nashville (BNA)
  • Newport News (PHF)
  • Norfolk (ORF)
  • Oklahoma City (OKC)
  • Omaha (OMA)
  • Orlando (MCO)
  • Panama City (PFN)
  • Pittsburgh (PIT)
  • Portland (PWM)
  • Sacramento (SMF)
  • San Antonio (SAT)
  • San Diego (SAN)
  • San Jose (SJC)
  • Seattle (SEA)
  • South Bend (SBN)
  • Spokane (GEG)
  • St. Louis (STL)
  • State College (SCE)
  • Toledo (TOL)
  • Traverse City (TVC)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Late Fall Rebound

It doesn't get much better than this in early November.

At 1pm CT, temperatures are in the lower 70's across southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, western Kentucky, and northwest Tennessee. Even in to Indiana temperatures are in the lower 70's.

The one trade off for the warmer temperatures is the winds have picked up. They are out of the south/southwest around 15mph with gusts over 20mph.

Now that we are enjoying the weather, everyone likes to ask me how much longer it is going to last. For that, lets take a peak at the 6am run of the NAM forecast model from NOAA for Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Below is a look at some of the data the model spits out. What you see is the temperature plotted by the red line. Precipitation (in this case rain) plotted by the green bars. The grey/white shaded boxes are where the model thinks clouds will be located.

With this particular display, time reads from right to left. (I know, backwards. I didn't write the software. haha)

Notice that the temperatures being put out by the model are already a little low. It is showing that we should be topping out at 70° today, but at 1pm the temp at the Cape Girardeau airport is 72°.

Going strictly by this model, it appears that temperatures will remain in the upper 60's to lower 70's for highs through the next couple of days.

You can also see that the model is suggesting a little bit of rain moving in late Tuesday morning. However, when you add up the amount of rain it is suggesting, it is pretty light. The model is only putting out 0.074" of rain through 7pm Tuesday.

This is only a look at one of the forecast models. I typically look at 4-5 models for a "normal" forecast. I will look at more if we have something big going on in the weather world (for example a snow/ice storm).