Consulting Services announces individual weather consulting services are now available.  Whether you need specific event weather forecasts or need a meteorologist to come to your event for rain insurance purposes we have you covered.

Meteorologist John Dissauer has over 20 years of forecasting experience in the Midwest.  His forecast has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of people and businesses over the years.  Being in the Midwest has allowed him to experience a wide range of weather.  He has forecast severe thunderstorms, winter blizzards, ice storms, heat waves, floods and much more.  John's areas of specialty include:
  • Severe storm forecasting (thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes)
  • Winter storm forecasting (snow storms, ice storms)
Previously, he has provided weather consulting services to event, aviation, and energy sectors.  A few examples of events he could provide weather forecasts include but are not limited to:
  • Weddings
  • Sports tournaments
  • Company outdoor events
  • Government agencies
  • Electricity Co-ops

John also has experience going to events and providing weather information for rain insurance.  A meteorologist will come to your event and provide the needed rainfall information for the insurance agency should it rain during your event.  Previous clients include the Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival and the Murray Review Drum Corps Show.

What sets's specific event weather forecast apart from other services is the forecast is produced by an experienced meteorologist.  Many weather websites claim to give you a personalized, specific forecast, but what many don't realize, that forecast is generated by a computer not taking in to account forecasting experience by a person.  You can expect a personalized forecast every time from John Dissauer.

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What others are saying about John:
  • "John is a consummate meteorologist, on-air weather personality, and community activist. He is someone who interacts with the public well, enjoys public events, and pays it forward, again and again. People and viewers love him because of his engaging personality, his depth of knowledge and experience, and his wit and entrepreneurial spirit that keeps him ahead of the competition. John is a born businessman, and someone who is always looking towards the future. He is a trusted colleague, a tireless worker, and a person who takes initiative, looks for opportunities, and develops them into useful tools and interesting, innovative sidebars to his primary task--keeping us aware of the weather and how it's going to affect us. To that end, John Dissauer is a consumate meteorologist, on-air personality, and exceptional community asset for any station or media operation." - James Needham, Assistant Professor, Ball State University
  • "He has often been the pitch perfect sounding board for ideas and routinely provided me with out-of-the-box solutions to my own technical issues. John is the consummate team player, but don't expect a 'yes man'. He's not afraid to ask the difficult questions in order to get the work exactly right.

    It was my privilege to work with John and I would do it again without hesitation should the opportunity be presented again.
    " - Cheryl Craig, Art Director/Web Manager, WAFB-TV
  • "His ability to accept and conquer challenges is extraordinary. His work ethic and resolve to "get the job done" in an expedient and professional manner are qualities that put John head and shoulders above the crowd." - Glenn Villiard, Shift Lead, WSI Corp.