Thursday, December 20, 2012

2:45pm Weather Update - Winds a Blowin

The winds are howling out across the Plain… and the Midwest.  The National Weather Service in St. Louis has compiled a list of the highest winds reported in the past 12 hours across the coverage area.
  1. Lambert Airport – St. Louis   56mph
  2. Jefferson City -  52mph
  3. Novelty, Mo – 52mph
  4. Mexico, Mo – 52mph
  5. Quincy, Il – 51mph
  6. St. Louis Downtown Airport – 49mph
  7. Scott Air Force Base – 49mph
  8. Columbia, Mo – 48mph
  9. Hannibal, Mo – 48mph
  10. Litchfield, Il – 48mph
On a funny note... I ran home for a second this afternoon.  While home I noticed the landscape crew using leaf blowers around the property.  Umm... What the heck are they thinking?!  You think leaf blowers are going to work when its blowing 25-35mph with gusts to 50mph?  Hmm...

(Click the image to see larger version.)

You may have noticed the temperature plunge this morning.  In St. Louis we've lost 22° from 7am to 2pm.  When you factor in the wind, the wind chill has also be dropping.

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