Friday, January 29, 2010

We're Dry

Everyone continues to ask this morning, "Hey, where's the snow?!?" Remember, we expect this event to last through Saturday morning. Also, we expect the heaviest snow to come in later today when there is better upper-level support.

One thing that is a little concerning to me is the dry air in place across southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, and western Kentucky. Dew points at 7am CT range from 9 in Farmington, Missouri to 12 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. A northeasterly wind continues to draw in the dry air to the area. That dry air is helping to soak up the snow that is a few thousand feet up.

Take a look at this radar image I grabbed this morning. This is a 3D slice of the radar data. The bottom of the image is the ground. Each white line represents 10,000 feet.

You can see how some of the moisture is stuck up in the air several thousand feet. That is why the radar continues to show snow but when you go outside there isn't anything falling. As the snow falls, it is getting soaked up.

Once we get the air saturated a bit more, the snow should start to reach the ground.


Anonymous said...

John and the rest of the stormteam, I just wanted to say thank you for what you do!! you do not have to keep everyone updated on facebook and your blog, but you do!! I keep up with you more now than I ever have!! Some of the people have been really rude to you guys over not getting any snow last night; I think some people are just disappointed. It is not your fault what mother nature does! Just wanted to say thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank you too John. I'm now addicted to your blog! You have a passion for the weather and it shows & is much appreciated by me.

I'm in Poplar Bluff and it started snowing about 8:15am. It's just small flakes right now, but it's really coming down. Even though I'm 35, I'm like a kid at Christmas when it comes to snow :-)

Keep up the good work John!