Saturday, January 9, 2010

Look At January Temps

Here is a look at high temperatures at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport during our cold stretch. The graphic goes back to December 31.

By the way, the high temperature for today was 19°.

As of 10pm CT tonight, we are now at 223 consecutive hours of 32° or colder.


Anonymous said...

I live at Cascade My remote ACU-Rite now reads -11 it is located about 100 feet from my home about 20 feet above the ground I have anoyher that has a wire it is attached to house and it reads -6
Ben Schlager

Anonymous said...

John: Streak of 11 days is far short of the record set in 1983 when the streak was 17 days -- December 15 - 31, 1983. The longest number of days the low was equal to or below 32 degrees was 58 days -- January 8 to March 6, 1978. All of the above data were from the Cape Girardeau Airport.
Al Robertson Cape Girardeau