Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Forecast

Hot off the presses. Ok, really the computer screen. Here is my snow forecast for the Wednesday night/Thursday "storm".

There is a chance the computer models are a little too dry for some of the Tennessee, Missouri bootheel, and northeast Arkansas counties. If that is the case, those numbers could be pushed up a little.

This isn't going to be a big winter storm as far as snow is concerned. So there is no need to run out and stock up on bread, milk, and eggs. However, it is going to be very cold Thursday-Sunday. Thursday afternoon might be spent in the lower teens. Temperatures could possibly drop below zero by Friday morning.

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Anonymous said...

We have been down this road so many times. I have watched the weather forcast from different channels. I live near Mt Vernon and do you really think there will be enough moisture for 3-5 inches of snow to accumulate? These storms never do what they say they will do!