Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shot? Who called for a shot?!?

It looks like a shot of cold air will be returning for the Heartland (Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky, and Northwest Tennessee) Monday.

A quick moving system will dive south out of southern Canada. High temps will be in the upper 20's to upper 30's. However, it appears that the high temperature will be reached by late morning or early afternoon. I think temperatures will slowly fall off by mid to late afternoon.

It will be cooler, but nothing as bad as it was Thursday and Friday.

Speaking of Thursday and Friday, it was cold! Take a look at the official temps from the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport.
  • Thursday: 18/5
  • Friday: 18/1
That is pretty cold! Thursday goes in to the books officially as 20 degrees below normal. Friday goes in to the books as 22 degrees below normal. Interestingly, January is still above normal. Through Jan. 16, we were 1.31 degrees above normal per day. I guess it helps when we have two days of temperatures in the 60's earlier in the month.

I'm also starting to wonder if we are going to get any snow this winter. So far, nothing measurable in Cape Girardeau...

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