Monday, January 26, 2009

7pm Winter Storm Update

I just went outside to move my car to the KFVS12 garage. Yikes! Everything in the parking lot has a glaze of ice. Wind shields have frozen drops of water. Ugh, I remember this from last February.

I will be giving live weather updates on KFVS12 (TV) every hour starting at 7:30pm CT. I will also be giving live weather updates online at ever hour starting at 8:00pm CT. If you have any questions or comments, I will read some of them during the online update. Email your questions or comments to


well its 726 pm just looked out the porch is a sheet of ice here in murphysboro il looks like its time for the rock salt lmao ohhh what fun

8:11 and freezing rain is coming down pretty good, our driveway is already covered. We live in Olive Branch. YOU WERE RIGHT ON TARGET!!!! WAY TO GO !!!!!!!!!!

i live in murphysboro was wondering if u new how much snow and ice we could see out of this

well m-boro guy maybe as much as an inch of ice and not sure about the snow amount 4-6 or more they arent sure yet. I live out by st joseph hosp in murphy

does any body know how the roads are in muphysboro around town and old route 13

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