Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10:30pm Winter Storm Update

This storm is amazing! I was just chatting with the forecasters at the NWS office in Paducah via instant messenger.

They are down and out right now. They aren't able to send out data or products. The NWS has back-up plans for situtations like this. The NWS office in Springfield, Missouri is taking care of sending out their products.

They told me that they have 2" of ice accumulation. Let me repeat 2" OF ICE ACCUMULATION! That is incredible!!!

Unfortunately, this storm isn't over. We probably have another 8-9 hours to go.

Some of the final ice accumulation numbers will be through the roof. I think some places could have 2.5"+ of ice. I was this close to calling this a catastrophic storm on the air at 10pm.

If you thought the February '08 ice storm in Southeast Missouri was bad, just wait until we have a chance to see the damage from this one. It is much more widespread! I have a feeling this could take at least a week to get everyone back up with power.

We just took a power hit at the station.

We will continue the online and on-air cutins starting at 11:00 pm CT.

  • Online on the hour.
  • On-air :30 past the hour.


Anonymous said...

This is just ridiculous. We lost power in September (in Cape, mind you) from a windy rainstorm and went without power for 6 DAYS. Whether ice, snow or just some wind, Ameren is a terrible provider.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your blog! I had difficulty subscribing because it is an embedded Blogger blog and the browser is not recognizing the RSS, but after two attemps from your sidebar link, I finally got it to work.

Right now, I'm thankful that we are not hearing "tree missles."

PS. It's also not letting me sign into my Google account while embedded.