Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Storm Update

Just got off a conference call with the National Weather Service in Paducah. Rick Shanklin, Paducah NWS Warning Coordinator, said that they are "really concerned" and that this storm could be the "winter storm event of the decade". Rick is a very level headed individual. Hearing these comments from him should add extra importance to the warnings.

The NWS in Paducah will be holding a press conference at 2:00pm CT. This is the first time they will have held a press conference before a winter weather storm. We will be streaming the press conference live on

I just ironed a couple of shirts so I am ready for the next couple of days in case I lose power.


I have been watching the radar and there is nothing there some down in Ok. Do you really think it will fill in enough to be concerned. Or will it be another MISS .

Not finding the 2:00 Press Conference? Do we have to go to a special page?

Sorry - found it. Guess they started late.

There is no possible way this storm is going to miss us this time. We have avoided this too many times before.

I am on a mac and couldn't get access to the live streaming. a big monster coming straight for us. To quote the news conference, they can see the "whites of its eyes." If it were only snow it wouldn't be so bad. I'm with Brian and Lauren...praying for sleet! (It somehow just feels wrong to be looking at a storm that causes us to think of sleet as being the best option, even though they're absolutely right about that.) I would move South if it weren't for the hurricanes...

Stay safe and warm, folks!

well i looked for the press confrfence and couldnt find it. but if you want to watch the weather in real time check out this link you can also look at other local radar picts.

been watching the radar too and i think we are gona get it LOL oh well we can just do like they do in it snow lol

well i got coffee a colman stove and a kerosine heater and flashlites.....Bring it on lmao

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