Saturday, January 17, 2009


Welcome to my new blog. I have been wanting to start a blog for a while, but I figure now is the time to do it.

What will be covered in this blog?
  • Weather - What is going on in the wacky world of weather? It could be local. It could be global.
  • Technology - I enjoy tech gadgets. Plus, what could be coming down the pipeline? I'll let you know what I have my eye on.
  • Internet - Love it or hate it the internet is changing how we do things. Especially in the broadcasting/mass media biz. I will bring you my unique perspective from inside the biz.
  • Travel - I love to travel. I love to find good travel deals even more. In my family, I am known as the travel agent. Relatives call me to see what kind of deals I can find. When I come across some good deals or good websites to use for finding deals, I will pass along the information.

I have been struggling with a name for the blog. I have gone with "New at Dis Hour". It is a play on my last name. :) If you have any suggestions for a better title, I am all ears.

Look for a couple of updates per week.

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Anonymous said...

I was told that Sears in Cape is getting 500 chainsaws today and 120 generators tomorrow.