Monday, January 26, 2009

8:40pm Winter Storm Update:

I am starting to get reports of sleet across the area. We had some HEAVY sleet move through downtown Cape Girardeau. It sounded like a hail storm on top of the studio.

Looking at our lightning data shows that we had some lightning and thunder overhead. That was somewhat expected and not surprising. You have heard of thundersnow? The same thing can happen with sleet. When you get some thunder and lightning it means the cell overhead has become convective and can produce a much higher rate of precipitation.


well just went outside and its sleeting really hard in murphysboro out by st joseph hosp.

Thanks for staying on top of things John, drop by the chat! melzie in chaffee

Melzie how is it in Chaffee?

Thank you for all the great updates and hard work John! Here in Cobden it's sleeting pretty hard and is slick out.


Just want to say how grateful I am that the storm coverage is so detailed, extensive, and in so many forms and forums. Gone are the days of window-watching, hand-wringing, and pacing while I wait anxiously for the next TV forecast report. Great job and it is so very much appreciated!!

John hope you liked the pix i sent will send more later as the snow/ice/sleet or what ever gets deeper...may venture out and get some other photos of the area

I am keeping my eye on the weather in southern Illinois where my son and daughter live; I'm in Florida, and of course, I am worrying about the winter storms and their safety. Thanks for keeping a worried mom informed..

We had thunder sleet in Scott City. Kinda caught us by surprise!
Is is still going to change to snow?

In DuQuoin....Heavy sleet for 10 minutes then heavy snow for 10 minutes then heavy sleet for 10 min....very fickle storm....been doing this for 2 hours

Hello John,it is sleeting here in Alto Pass and has been for over an hour, since 8:30 p.m., the ground is white.

Heavy sleet here in Charleston, since about 8pm. Everything is white and the power blinked around 9:30 or so.

Sleeting in NW Jackson with about an inch of sleet on the road. Not much ice.

Change that... It's freezing rain again. It's coming down pretty hard. There goes the rest of my Bradford pears.

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