Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2:00am Winter Storm Update

Some of the affects of Winter Storm '09 are starting to be felt across the area...

I was on the phone with the National Weather Service a couple of minutes ago and they were telling me that power outages are starting to pop-up across parts of Western Kentucky. Outages seem to be reported from Calloway County up through Marshall County to Livingston County.

From what they tell me, it has been raining hard for several hours in parts of Western Kentucky. With temperatures hovering around 30° it is all freezing rain. I saw one report of 0.4" of ice accumulation already being reported. Unfortunately, it looks like my estimate of 1.25"+ could work out.

Someone posted a comment on my previous blog post about Sikeston being without power since 12:30am.

I glanced at AmerenUE's website and there are currently over 1,000 customers without power in New Madrid County and Pemiscot County.

I have a feeling that these numbers will only continue to rise by the time we wake-up in the morning and again Wednesday morning.

By the way, here at my place in Cape Girardeau, I have .9" of sleet with some kind of ice/sleet mix underneath. I'm not sure how deep of a layer it is under the .9" of sleet.

(Ok, now I really am going to sleep!)

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