Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3pm Winter Storm Update

Just got out of our 2pm news meeting. We were figuring out what we were going to have in our newscasts at 5, 6, and 10pm.

I am going to begin online and on-air cutins at 3:30pm CT and every half hour through 5pm CT. They won't last long (maybe 2-3 minutes) since we are cutting in to programming.

We will be having the online updates again this evening. Time to be announced.

Now, back to the weather computer/maps. I've got 30 minutes to get a lot done...


Anonymous said...

A little over 3 inches of snow sleet mix. mostly sleet near Mt Vernon.
My husband has to leave shortly for St Geneviv Any news on the weather and road conditions on the way there.???

Anonymous said...

I called a cousin from Charleston and she has no power and the trees that she can see from her home are all broke down as we had in Feb, 08. Her cell is still working and everyone is reporting the same. She has no heat at all any help for her?
7 miles from Charleston is Sikeston and they have warming places and reporters ect. Does any one know a place in Charleston warming place?