Wednesday, January 28, 2009

12pm Winter Storm Update

I am hearing some heavy dripping outside of my place. Sounds like some of the ice is melting off the trees. Temperatures are near 30°. I don't think we'll melt too much of it.

By the way, Heartland News will be airing a special two hour news report regarding Winter Storm '09. The special will start at 5pm CT. You can watch it online at

I've got to get ready and head in to work. (I'm not looking forward to going out and cleaning off my car again.)

How much snow did you get overnight?


We got 5 inches of snow in Hamilton County Il. and that was on top of at least an inch and a half of Ice/sleet. After warming up my car the ice just slid off.

We got about 4 inches of snow at Patterson, Wayne Co. on top of the 3 to 4 inches of sleet and ice. It was a beautiful snowfall at 3:30 in the morning for those of us who have electricity and don't have to go anywhere.
We REALLY appreciate "New at Dis Hour" now, so keep up the good work.....

in GlenAllen we have 2 inches of ice and 5-7 inches of Snow ,Its Beautiful but so hard to get around to check on Family Memebers

I was told today by a noranda worker from marston that their 3rd line went down today and wud prob b 6-8months b4 it was up and running again

Here in Chaffee, we have about 5 inchews of snow on top of a couple inches of ice. Really hard to get around early this morning, but with our trucks and blades out today, there seemed to be a lot of people out sightseeing. They couldn't do anything else because with no power nothing was open except our Police and my office. We do have a warming station, the Chaffee Nutrition Center at 800 So Main. Bring your own blankets. I called for Red Cross to bring cots and blankets and food. So far nothing arrived.So we got some food from the closed grocery and it is cozey out there.

In Jackson, MO I accurately measured 4" of sleet/ice topped by 5" of snow (9" total). I had to use a hammer to drive a rod through the ice to measure it.

My daughter said Morley looked like an "Ice Tornado" came through.

We live in a rural area north of Charleston, MO. In addition to living without power (like thousands of others), we also do not have water. We are cutting up downed trees in our yard to burn for heat. Thank goodness for a fireplace! We cannot seem to get the temperature above 58 degrees, but that is something we can live with. Since we have not seen a utility worker in our area, we are thinking we could go for two weeks or better without any power. We have probably lost 75 percent of our electrical lines. I just don't see how they can fix this in looks like weeks. Let's hope I'm wrong. I'm praying for sunshine!

I live in DuQuoin, Il and we got about 9 inches or so thats what my mothers calculations were. Roughly 4 inches of sleet and 5 inches of snow.

in wappapello we recieved 5 in of snow and about 4 inches of sleet...everyone is pretty much out of power and that are working around the clock to get it turned on it has already been 5 nights and thousands of us still have no power who knows when it will be back. but god bless them for working around the clock to help us.....

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