Tuesday, January 27, 2009

6pm Winter Storm Update

Just wanted to update everyone that I will be doing live online cut-ins starting at 7pm CT on KFVS12.com. They will happen hourly until 10pm CT.

I will be doing live on-air cut-ins on KFVS12 at :30 past the hour every hour starting at 7:30pm CT.


Thank you, John...the frequent updates are very much appreciated!!

Ty John for a job greatly done. did you get my photos

thank you. detailed updates on the blog are helpful. we like many others are without power so this is the only updates we have (thanks to smartphones!) it is cold, dark and lonely!

Hello, Anonymous,

Hang in there...I've been there (last year for almost 3 days.) It's bad enough when it happens after spring or summer storms, but it's really the WORST when it happens during the winter!! Just know I'm thinking and praying for all of you who are in the cold and the dark. Morning WILL come and, with it, the END of this storm. Then it may be a bit easier to get things cleaned up and the power back on. Take care and try to stay warm!

Yes! As much information on the blog and mobile-versionwebsite is extremely helpful. We do appreciate it!

Limbs are breaking by the minute around my home in Oran. I went ouside to see some of the damage and was almost crushed by one. Our mailbox is gone and one of our cars is completly covered up(but not crushed). It feels like we are just waiting any minute for the power to go out. Good luck everyone!

Hopefully I get to watch the news at 10. Being a student at SIU, and seeing as they never close campus (except for yesterday by miracle), I have to wake up at 6 am to get to school. On the other hand, I have no electricity (SIEC is my provider.) SIU-C doesn't realize that half the people that go there are commuters. They need to take our situations in regard too, instead of just thinking that everyone lives on campus and can get to class on time and safely.

I have a scanner and have listened as the Dexter Fire Department has been answering calls all day for power lines down causing fires, transformers and trees on fire, car fires, house fires, and wrecks. The Chief has been arranging for generators and setting up warming shelters. They are to be commended for their tireless work today and tonight.

I talked to my parents in White Oak, Mo tonight. They haven't had power since early this morning and they're yard looks like a war zone from fallen limbs.

thanks for the encouragment summer! we have been without power for about 24 hours now (except about one hour this morning) and I am bored. we live in the old north end of sikeston with many mature trees. the branches are falling every few seconds and it is a little overwhelming to feel so disconnected.

The electric pole in the alley behind our house in Chaffee is bending! I have never seen that before.

We have power here near Mt Vernon. I should be thanksful especially after hearing of all the power outages. It has been sleeting nonstop since around 9:30 this morning . There was about 3 inches of sleet at 3:00. No telling how much now. We have been fortunate with no freezing rain to knock out power. I am just so sick of all this weather. My husband is a truck driver and could not even get out of the driveway this evening.

butler co north of poplar bluff power went out at 5pm and stil out. wood stove works great. a lot of ice and trees down

You're welcome, Anonymous. Believe me, I've been there!! My lights have started flickering here now too. Who knows whether I'll be in the dark soon too. It would be so much easier to handle in the daylight though...at least that's what I think. Try singing, it feels silly but it helps.


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