Friday, January 30, 2009

11am Winter Storm Update

Sorry for no update from me yesterday. After working roughly 19 hour days (7am till noon from home. 1pm till 2am at work.) I finally had a day off yesterday. So I took the day for myself. I had a few errands that needed to be run, including mailing a package to my brother who is stationed in Iraq. I also tried to catch up on some sleep.

Hundreds of thousands of people are still without power across this region this morning. People are still in search of information as to when the power will be back. Unfortunately, it is hard for us to get answers because we are having a hard time getting a hold of people. The best thing for everyone is to have patience.

In some spots it could be the middle/end of next week until the power is restored at the earliest. I have a feeling that some people will be without power for weeks.

It is also affecting areas outside of the Heartland (southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, western Kentucky). I got a call from my cousin who is on the bank board of a bank located in northern Illinois. It turns out that their bank has a data line that goes through Paducah, KY. So he was interested to know when data lines might be back up in Western Kentucky because it is affecting business at the bank. Unfortunately, there is no answer.

What I do know is that the Kentucky Governor was in Paducah yesterday and announced that the National Guard would be bringing in 5 of the communications trucks to try and establish some way of communication in the area.


Unknown said...

Geez, what a mess! Without power until possibly the end of next week? That's insane! My dad lives in Southern Illinois and also is still without power. I love the blog :)

Anonymous said...

this is the worst thing i have ever seen still yet it could be a lot worse. Does anyone know how to get in touch with FEMA if they are in Portageville.Thanks

Anonymous said...

Sikeston area is just as bad as Charleston. There are several streets that you can not get down. There are long lines in the stores at times. It is just as crazy here as it is in other places that are without power!
You don't know how bad Sikeston is compared to Charleston if you have not been down every single street!!
I am not saying Charleston is not bad but the mess is all over!!!!

City of Bloomfield said...

If you need assistance getting to the warming shelter in Bloomfield call:


Stoddard County Baptist Chainsaw assiciation will be here tuesday to help clear the debris. You will need to call 568-3464 before Tuesday afternoon to get on the list.

City of Bloomfield said...

Bloomfield Warming center just received 348 cases of water from Fema. If you need water please come to the warming shelter to get it or call 568-3576 at the police station or fire department at 568-4300.

There is also water at Dexter at the Church of Christ south of MSH.

Anonymous said...

The city of Bloomfield has been getting calls about the Stoddard County Baptist Chainsaw Association. There is some confusion on what they are doing. We only have access to them for Bloomfield. The phone number we have given out is just for Bloomfield.

We have received calls from Malden to Advance. They are a Stoddard county group but....we have no control on other towns and if they are utilizing this group. Please have the other towns contact their city hall. I understand their frustration as I live out of town and not able to get things done myself. If you have any questions please call me at 421-5939 Penny Shepard

Thank you for the info in the air.