Thursday, February 4, 2010

10pm Weather Update

Here's a quick look at snowfall amounts for the next couple of days for around the area.

The images below are meteograms that show snowfall amounts from various runs of two computer models.

Cape Girardeau, Missouri:

Farmington, Missouri:

Paducah, Kentucky:

St. Louis, Missouri:

The green line in the above charts is the NWS forecast. The other colored lines correspond to the legend on the right side of the chart.

As I have been saying, the Sunday-Tuesday storm is still looking like the "big dog" of the next two storms. New data coming in as I type would indicate a 5"-10" snow over southeast Missouri and southern Illinois.

It is still too early to be talking hard numbers at this point, so don't go running around telling people I am forecasting 5"-10" of snow for early next week. haha We'll see....


Anonymous said...

keep it coming!!!Want that ole 6-12 range.

Anonymous said...

Bring it on!!!