Sunday, February 7, 2010

10:20pm Weather Update

I'm trying to put the blinders on and not think too much about the Super Bowl. (Grr.... Stupid onside kick...) Anyway, lets talk some weather.

We've got some of the white stuff coming our way. Right now it is looking like we will be dealing with snow with the exception of western Kentucky that might be a mix of rain and snow.

New data coming in tonight is indicating that the highest snow numbers will fall somewhere between Cape Girardeau, Missouri and Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Here is the latest snowfall output from the 0z NAM forecast model. Remember that this is NOT our forecast. It is simply data coming straight from the forecast model.

We can break it down a little more and take a look at specific points in a program called BUFKIT. Before the requests start coming in, there are only specific points available to look at. I didn't decide the specific points, NOAA did.

Here is the 0z NAM's look at Cape Girardeau.

You can see that the model is keeping everything all snow. It begins the precipitation Monday afternoon.
Specifically for Cape Girardeau the 0z NAM is suggesting 2.6" of snow.

Here is the same model run for Jonesboro, Arkansas.

It brings the heaviest snow in late Monday afternoon/evening. Specifically for Jonesboro the 0z NAM is indicating 10.3" of snow.

This is just one model of several we look at. I'll have more on the winter storm tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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