Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Data Coming In 1/18

New data is just starting to trickle in. I wanted to put this up on here so you can get an idea what the new run of the NAM forecast model is showing.

The above map shows snow accumulation through the first 60 hours of the model run (through 6am CT Friday). Click the map to see a larger version.

From looking at the map the model seems to be pretty close to what I have been thinking all along for this "storm". It does appear the NAM has backed off a little with the moisture numbers. (Remember... The NAM was going gangbusters earlier today with liquid.)

I don't have specific numbers yet so I can't give specific numbers like I did on posts earlier today. Once those numbers are available I will try to get them compiled and pass them along.

Reminder: This is just one of many models to look at and this isn't the forecast for snow accumulation. It is just one model's depiction.

By the way, do you like seeing the specific numbers like I showed earlier today or would you rather me keep all the numbers out of the blog?


Unknown said...

I like the specific numbers John!

Dawn said...

I think you should keep them on your blog. It is nice to see them there. I can't stand the 'cry babies' you start crying before the 'snow storm' gets here, you know what I mean ?!?!? Your FB people, I am, one, too, have no clue what a blog is !! LOL Keep doing a good job !! :)

Stacey said...

John, I'm new to your blog so alot of this is greek to me so if you want to put numbers in YOUR blog go right ahead. I just like to know when to throw on the snow boots or if I'm good in tennis shoes. You keep up the good work my friend. Now when we get to storm season I'll be all over that with a big smile.

Barbara Watkins said...

I like the specific numbers too John!

Unknown said...

leave them john give some kind of idea what we can exspect

Aaron Pippin said...

John you know I'll tell you to keep the numbers. I like reading about your in-depth thoughts. Thats what weather is all about. Its all about the numbers.