Monday, January 10, 2011

Slow to Snow

Snow is sloooooowly moving in from the west tonight. It is about on time from what I was thinking earlier. I figured it would start to move into our western/northwestern counties of SE Missouri starting around 10:00pm CT.

I took a look at the Rapid Refresh model (yet another model to gaze). The model is run every hour. Here is the model's depiction of what the national composite radar will look like at 1:00am CT Tuesday.

It is bring the snow through overnight (as expected).

One thing the Rapid Refresh model is hinting at is lower snow totals. Here is the 2z model's accumulated snowfall through 9:00am CT Tuesday.

Earlier runs of the forecast models were suggesting that the snow wouldn't start to pick up in intensity until after midnight, especially through southern Illinois. We shall see...

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1 comment:

SamiR said...

I live about 13 miles SSW of Poplar Bluff. I WANT SNOW!!!!! How is that Sunday Snow looking??? Will it be any kind of Accumulating snow?