Thursday, January 20, 2011

Watch Out Overnight

All the excitement of the snow is over but don't let your guard down tonight if you are traveling on roadways, especially in southeast Missouri.

Temperatures are dropping like a rock. We are already down to 6 degrees at the Cape Girardeau airport and 12 degrees at the Poplar Bluff airport.

Visibilities are also dropping over southeast Missouri. Both the airport in Cape Girardeau and Poplar Bluff are down to 1/4" mile indicating dense fog is developing.

You can see a little of the fog from a MoDOT traffic cam along I-55 at mile marker 92 looking northbound. This is located near the Scott City exit and is also near the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport.

The above image was taken at 9:52pm CT.

Fog and temperatures as cold as they are do not mix. Fog is basically tiny water droplets. When you super-cool the water droplets they freeze to anything they touch. This means if you encounter any of the fog there is a good chance there is ice on surfaces.

I don't mean to scare but I want to give you a heads up if you are traveling tonight. If you see fog tonight be careful!

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