Monday, January 17, 2011

Maybe Some Snow

There has been some chatter in the weather world about an upcoming system that could bring some snow to Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky later this week so I thought I should address it.

As of right now it does not appear to be a big snow maker for the area. Maybe couple of inches and that is about it Thursday.

Let's see what the models are showing us. Here is a look at the new run of NOAA's global forecast computer model. This is for 18z or 12pm CT Thursday.

Here is last night's run of the European forecast agency's computer model depicting the same time period as above, 12pm CT Thursday.

Both models bring enough cold air through the area that we would be talking mainly an all snow event. A look at the profiles support the theory of a couple of inches of snow (perhaps 2" to 4").

The "storm" is still a 70+ hours away... We shall see what happens.

I'm taking a few days off from work so that explains the lack of updates on my blog. Sometimes a person needs to get away from their work to recharge their batteries. I am back in at work Saturday. If there are any big changes to this system I'll try to keep you up to date here or via my Twitter account @johndissauer.

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