Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Storm

By now you have probably heard a lot of talk about the storm that is moving through the central United States. Yes, there will be a lot of snow and wind created by the storm, but we won't see the worst of it.

The storm continues (see surface map) to lift northeast through the US. The bulk of the energy is still back in eastern New Mexico. As the energy swings around the intensity of rain/snow will increase.

Winter Storm Warnings/Watches, Blizzard Warnings extend from Utah to Ohio/Michigan. The cold side of the storm will affect millions of people. After the storm passes, colder temperatures will start to move in. That should start to happen starting around mid-morning (5am'ish CT).

The closest snow will get to southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, western Kentucky, and northwest Tennessee will be north/northwest Missouri.

Ahead of the storm warm, moist air continues to lift north/northeast. Temperatures should rise as we go through the evening. This means we will stay all rain tonight.

The rain could be heavy at times this evening (6pm CT - 10pm CT). The latest computer model data is indicating that the rain could be out of the area by midnight tonight.

Wind Advisories are in effect from midnight through 3pm CT Wednesday for southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, and western Kentucky.

Once we get on the back side of the surface low pressure center, winds will turn out of the north/northwest and the speed will start to increase. Latest data show winds of 40mph around 700 feet above the ground. That wind will keep lowering to the surface through Wednesday morning.

I think we will see sustained winds of 25-35 mph with gusts over 40 mph. Wind should be strongest from around 3am CT to 10am CT Wednesday.

Bottom line...
  1. Will we get any measurable snow? No
  2. Will we get more rain? Yes
  3. Will we get a lot of wind? Yes (but it could be worse)


Bryan Smith said...

Have we ever been this late in December getting snow?

Darryl Spurlock said...

Any idea when we might get some white stuff? I really am looking forward to some snow. :)