Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12:00am Weather Update 12/21

The new 0z (6pm CT) runs of the computer models are in. Just taking a quick look at the data before heading home from work.

Still all rain for southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, western Kentucky, and central/southern Indiana for Wednesday-Thursday.

It appears that rain will start to move in to southeast Missouri overnight Tuesday in to Wednesday. We will see a couple waves of rain move through. The GFS models is putting out 2.5" of rain for Cape Girardeau between 1am Wednesday and 1am Thursday. The GFS is putting out 1.8" of rain for Cape Girardeau between 6am Thursday and 8pm Thursday.

Travel Outlook:

  • Arkansas: Mainly rain. Watch out for some thunderstorms.
  • Illinois: Traveling to northern or central Illinois you should just encounter rain.
  • Indiana: Rain begins to move in to the southwest part of the state. Rain will be on the move towards the north.
  • Kentucky: Eastern half of the state will be dry. Western half of state will have scattered showers.
  • Missouri: Mainly rain will fall across Missouri. If you get up towards St. Joseph you might start to encounter a mix of rain/snow.
  • Arkansas: Heavy rain possible all day. Wave of rain should be moving to the east/northeast.
  • Illinois: Looking at rain for the entire state. Heavy rain possible, especially by afternoon/evening. Winds will be gusty out of the south/southeast. The wind will have more of a southeast component for the northern half of the state.
  • Indiana: Rain will be confined to the Indiana/Illinois state line for most of the day. By evening the rain should begin to push east. Perhaps as far east as I-65 by 7pm ET. Wind should be out of the southeast.
  • Kentucky: Rain will be confined to the extreme western part of the state for the first half of day. The rain will slowly make its way east. Perhaps as far east as Lexington by 7pm ET. Winds will be out of the south. If you are driving east along the Kentucky Parkway, you'll have a "nice" right to left crosswind.
  • Missouri: It will be mainly rain for the state for most of the day. By evening, there could be some heavy snow setting up just west of Kansas City just to the north I-70 in northeastern Kansas and southeastern Nebraska. There could be a mix of rain or snow later in the evening for Kansas City.
This is just a quick breakdown of what tonight's computer run is showing. I'm trying to break it down as much as possible so you have an idea of what is coming if you are planning on traveling either day.

Keep in mind, if the model(s) are off on the track of the storm the rain/snow areas could drastically move to the east, west, or north.

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