Monday, December 7, 2009

Up, Up, and Away

In case you haven't heard yet, the US Navy Blue Angels announced they will perform at the 2010 Cape Girardeau Air Show.

The Blue Angels is the flight performance demonstration team for the US Navy. During their show, they fly six F/A-18 fighter jets.

The air show will be June 19-20, 2010. Mark your calendar and reserve your hotel room now. They will fill up FAST.

I have to give kudos to Mark Seesing and airport manager Bruce Loy for getting the "Blues" to return to the Cape Air Show for the first time since 1992. It isn't an easy task to get arguably the best flight demonstration in the world to come to your air show.

Two pilots from the Blue Angels visited Cape Girardeau's airport in November for a sight visit.

Here is video of the pilots leaving from the Cape Girardeau airport for their 40 minute flight back to Pensacola, Florida.

Full disclosure: I am a member of the Cape Girardeau Airport Advisory Board.

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