Monday, December 21, 2009

Check Your Windshield Wipers

You'll need your windshield wipers if you plan on traveling through the Midwest Wednesday or Thursday. Computer models seem to have locked on to a track for the mid-week storm that will bring rain to much of the Midwest. Some of the rain could be heavy.

Below is a look at th18z (12pm CT) run of NOAA's global forecast model (GFS). Reminder... Time reads from right to left. Green indicates rain. Blue indicates snow. Orange indicates sleet. Red indicates freezing rain. The red line is the air temperature.

Cape Girardeau:

Cedar Rapids, Iowa:

Peoria, Illinois:

Today's update includes a few cities that you don't normally see me cover. This is a a personal service/shout-out to my aunt and uncle who will be traveling through Cedar Rapids and Peoria Thursday. My uncle says he might have heard a different forecast on *Shudders*

I should also mention something about the weather south of southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, and western Kentucky...

I mentioned yesterday and Sunday that I was keeping an eye on the possibility of some strong thunderstorms. The Storm Prediction Center is now looking that way too.

The Storm Prediction Center has indicated that there is a "Slight Risk" for severe thunderstorms Wednesday/Thursday from Arkansas down to the gulf coast.

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