Friday, December 18, 2009

Just for Fun - Snowfall Amounts

I wasn't going to talk about snowfall amounts for the possible Christmas Eve storm, but what the heck, lets have some fun.

Here is a look at the GFS model from NOAA. This is from the 12pm CT computer model run. I am generally not a big fan of this run of the model due to the lack of upper air dynamics in the initial data set.

The green bars indicate rain and the blue bars indicate snow.
  • This specific model is suggesting 5"-6" of snow for the Cape Girardeau, Missouri area.
  • It is suggesting just over 7" of snow for St. Louis, Missouri with the snow starting around 12am CT Thursday.
  • It is putting out 12" of snow for Indianapolis, Indiana starting Wednesday evening and lasting through late Thursday night.
HAHA Ok, again this isn't the forecast. This is just what one computer model run is showing. I would not put too much in to the amounts listed above. Again, this is just for fun.


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