Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Turns to Spring

It appears that we have storms coming our way. Not the storms that produce snow, sleet, and ice, but spring-like thunderstorms.

A well advertised cold front will approach southeast Missouri Friday. Ahead and along the front, a line of thunderstorms is forecast to develop.

The Storm Prediction Center has taken notice. They have included parts of southern Missouri (including some counties in southeast Missouri) in their Day 3 Outlook in a "Slight Risk" area.

There aren't a lot of HUGE numbers supporting severe thunderstorms, but in winter we don't need huge numbers. Dew points are forecast to reach the middle and upper 50's. That is plenty of moisture for a bout of winter severe weather.

Typically in the winter the largest threat from thunderstorms is damaging wind and quick spin-up tornadoes. I am thinking the biggest threat will be damaging wind out of round of storms.

It isn't abnormal to be seeing severe thunderstorms in December. Several years ago I did some research on tornadoes in the KFVS viewing area and it showed that December ranks 3rd of all months for tornadoes.

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