Monday, December 13, 2010

12:30pm Weather Update

Brr it's cold outside. This morning temperatures dropped down to 6° to 13°. Highs this afternoon will range from around 17° to 27°. If you have snow on the ground it will be colder. No snow, it will be warmer.

It is interesting to look at visible satellite images after a snowfall on sunny days. Here is a look at the visible satellite image from around 11am today.

The white stuff you are seeing is snow. The visible satellite image gives a different perspective on where snow fell. I went in and drew the blue line to roughly indicate where the edge of the "snow pack" is located.

We are still a "go" for the wintry mix coming our way Wednesday/Thursday. I am not able to include the model data imagery at this time because I am not on the right computer to generate the images. (I'll do that later tonight.)

I can tell you that all of the models are on board with bringing in some freezing rain or sleet to the KFVS viewing area Wednesday/Thursday. The timing is still a little in question. The NAM and the GFS models bring it in Wednesday afternoon and keep it going through early evening. The European model has it holding off until late Wednesday night and keeps it through early Thursday morning.

All of the models are consistent on the amount of freezing rain or sleet for the event. They are indicating around 0.10" to 0.15", so we're not talking about the mother of all storms, but it could be enough to make it a little interesting for a few hours.

The storm and it's details are not written in stone yet, the storm hasn't developed in reality yet, and I am sure things will change around some before we get to Wednesday morning so keep up with the forecast on KFVS12 and of course here on New at Dis Hour.

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