Friday, December 24, 2010

Numbers to Ponder

Here are the bulk of the numbers in for the last 2 runs of the NAM and GFS computer models. You can start to see the models narrowing in on a snowfall solution. There might be an outlier, but you can start to see where is the consensus.

Below is the meteograms for several sites across southeast Missouri and western Kentucky. I have also included Indianapolis, Indiana for friends and family in central Indiana. Before you ask "But John, how much snow will I get...?" These are the only locations available from this type of product in the KFVS viewing area.

Each line represents a different computer model run. Use the legend at the right to determine which line is which model. The 18z runs are the 12pm CT runs and the 0z runs are the 6pm CT runs.

Cape Girardeau, Mo:

Farmington, Mo:

Paducah, Ky:

St. Louis, Mo:

Indianapolis, In:

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