Friday, April 30, 2010

Live Streaming Storm Coverage

I will be giving live streaming coverage of the storms tonight as they move through the KFVS viewing area. I'm doing this from home so forgive the lack of video quality.


Just wanted to say thank you for all you do in keeping us informed on the weather. We live in Marble Hill. What do you think we may expect and when.

I have family in Poplar Bluff are they under any warnings or will they be anytime soon?

I live in Anna, IL. I can see that it's coming in this direction. Do I need to have any concerns for anything major?

Flash flood watch until 4 a.m. Monday morning for SE missouri

Thanks for the live stream...we don't have a weather radio yet and no tv. This is our only way of knowing what's going on. Thanks! April from Fruitland, MO

I live in Caruthersville the wind is strong and it is starting to rain...Will keep u informed...I hate storms thanks for the coverage :)

Thanks for the live stream

Following this coverage was by far the coolest thing ever. Thanks again

How about Portageville area in New Madrid county??? Are we in the clear? And thanks!

thank you, thank you for the live stream it is awesome it has made me feel much safer with the up to date info. thanks for your time and effort.karen mcleansboro,illinois

Does it look like the storms in Mo. are starting to weaken any? I am in Hickman Ky and am waiting for them to hit us, praying they will weaken.

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