Friday, April 30, 2010

7:15pm Weather Update

A line of storms is continuing to track across the state of Missouri. Tornado watches blanket the state. There have been a few reports of tornadoes over the southern part of the state near Gainesville, Missouri. We are probably 1-2 hours from it beginning to affect parts of the KFVS viewing area.

I wanted to show you a different look at the line that is moving over the southern part of the state. This is a 3-dimensional look at the line.

If you click on the image you can see different sections I pointed out. For instance, from your vantage point you are looking to the west and "in to the line". To the right of the image is the Northeast. To the left is the Southwest.

The storm that currently has a tornado warning and has had a history of producing a tornado (and damage) is pointed out.

Also note the heights of the storms. The white horizontal lines indicate 10,000 feet. A few of the storms in the line are over 40,000'. The storm that has the tornado warning is topping out a little over 47,000'.

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