Saturday, May 1, 2010

Not Out of the Woods Yet

Usually you would think after last night's round of thunderstorms we would be in the clear today. That isn't the case.

The Storm Prediction Center has placed parts of western Kentucky, southeast Missouri, and all of northeast Arkansas and northwest Tennessee in a "High Risk" for seeing severe weather in the latest Day 1 Outlook. The "High Risk" is surrounded by a "Moderate Risk" which includes the remainder of southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, and western Kentucky.

Here are is a look at the specific weather type probabilities.




The front that helped trigger the thunderstorms yesterday has stalled out over the top of the KFVS viewing area. The front is going to be the trigger again today as warm, moist air comes up on southerly winds from the Gulf of Mexico. As it hits the front the moisture will be lifted in to the atmosphere.

Energy in the middle and upper levels of the atmosphere will ride up along a 140 mph jet stream that is moving just to our north. The fact that the jet stream isn't moving directly over head is a key. The winds are diverging over the top of western Kentucky, northwest Tennessee, and the Missouri bootheel. The diverging winds actually aids in lifting air.

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Brandi Stone said...

Hey John! I know Collierville, Tennessee isn't in the viewing area. But my mom just messaged me and told they've had tornado sirens going off down there since 4 a.m. this morning. My sister, brother in law and my niece live in Collierville. I was just wondering if you could let me know what's going on weather wise. As in, if there's been tornado touch downs and stuff. I'd greatly appreciate it.