Friday, April 30, 2010

11:40am Weather Update

The Storm Prediction Center just issued their new Day 1 Outlook and it now includes parts of southeast Missouri in a "Moderate Risk" for severe weather through 7am Saturday.

In reading their discussion, there is some concern about the possibility of tornado development in northern Arkansas and southeast Missouri. The potential exists for a strong tornado in that area.

Here are the probabilities with the new outlook.




I am debating on going out chasing later today. All of the cloud cover around the area concerns me. Clouds usually don't allow the atmosphere to destabilize. However, I can see some of the instability indices that we look at starting to increase over south central Missouri. If I do go chasing, I'll try to put some live streaming video up here on the blog so you can go with me.


La Ray said...

John thanks for keeping us all up to date. I live in Johnson County in Southern Illinois. I was wandering will it be a while before the storms get here. And I wanted to let you know you can't really make out the cities on the live stream but, you can see the county and that is important so thanks.

Unknown said...

Can I go to bed? I live in Carbondale Il and want to sleep... how likely is tornadic activity here?