Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Taking Aim at the Long Range

It is always interesting and fun to see what computer models are suggesting for the long range.  I'm not talking five to eight days out, instead twenty to thirty days out.

There are a couple computer models that try to stick their arms waaaaaay out to look that far.  One of the forecast models, the European Forecast Agency's computer model, is a model that attempts to look out thirty days.  I have access to data that updates once a week.  Going forward I am going to try to take a look at the model and post observations here on "New at Dis Hour".

Here are a few observations from last week's run of the European.
  • Above normal temperatures for Colorado Sept 14-20.
  • Below normal temperatures for the Midwest September 12-14 and September 16-20.
  • Northwest flow dominates weather pattern September 25-28 from the Rocky Mountains to the Midwest.  (Northwest flow often means there could be storms developing in the NW US and they would quickly dive to the SE.  Also often produces below normal temperatures.)
  • Heat builds back in to Colorado October 1-3.
Keep in mind, the model is just that.  A computer model.  The farther out the model looks, the higher the error rate.  The key to looking at this kind of data is to not look at specifics but instead trends and long wave patterns.

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