Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Windy this month; Closer look at the windiest month over last three decades

Earlier today I overheard someone talking about how windy it has been recently.  They were suggesting that it is a lot windier than they remember it being.  That conversation sent me in to the depths of weather records.

The data shows that in fact it has been a windy April.  April ranks as the #1 month number of hours with 20+ wind gusts.  April averages 95.5 hours with 20+ wind gusts on average since 1990.  This year April has had 157 hours with 20+ mph wind gusts through April 28.  That is a 64% increase in number of hours.  So yes, it has been a bit windier than usual.

In fact, it is the windiest April in 9 years.  2011 had 184 hours with 20+ mph wind gusts.  We may make a run on that when you factor in today (April 29) and Thursday.

Click image to see larger version.
April is quite a bit ahead of the #2 month, March.  It works out to around 25% more.  That is followed by January.
  1. April
  2. March
  3. January
  4. November
  5. February
  6. May
  7. October
  8. December
  9. June
  10. September
  11. July
  12. August

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