Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Driest April in over a decade

It sure seems like we've had a lot of clouds and rain this month but data suggests a different story.

Over half the days this month have produced precipitation - 12 out of 21 days - officially in Indianapolis.  Twelve days produced rain and one day produced a trace of snow.only recorded 0.67" of precipitation this month.

Interestingly, the amount of rain for the month is relatively low.  Only 0.67" of precipitation has been measured which is quite low.  So low that this is the driest April (through the 21st) in 16 years in the Hoosier state capital.  This month ties for the 8th driest April (through the 21st) since 1871.
It looks like we will make-up for the dry start to the month with several chances for rain to close April.

Rain returns to Indiana Thursday morning, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and next Wednesday.  Long range computer models suggest an additional 1.62" to 2.30" could fall through the end of the month.

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