Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Exclusive: Hans Güttenhoffer Interview

I was able to score an exclusive interview with Hans Güttenhoffer for the 10pm newscast Christmas Eve.  Who is Hans you ask?  Hans is the meteorologist for the North Pole.  He has been forecasting exclusively for Santa Claus for 423 years.  The man has seen it all!  You know if a forecaster can keep their job for that long he has to be good.

It turns out Hans has a little bit of a hearing problem (think of the wax build up after all those years) but it was good talking with him during the newscast.
I've known Hans for several years.  He's the one that helps me get a GPS fix on Santa's sleigh late Christmas Eve.  We were on several conference calls over the last few days discussing what weather conditions would be like for Santa's big flight.

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