Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snow Totals from Dec. 7

Snow fell across parts of Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi overnight.
I have to admit, I am pretty happy with how my snow forecast turned out.

Here's a look at some of the totals that were turned in to the National Weather Service.

  • Blytheville 2"
  • Jonesboro 1"-2"
  • Cooter 2"
  • Hornersville 2.75"-3"
  • Covington 2"
  • Dyersburg 1"
  • Jackson 1.5"
  • Memphis 1"-2"
  • Union City 1"
Did you have snow where you live this morning? If so, tell me how much in the comments section. *Remember, measuring snow on the grass doesn't work as it includes air/mud/dirt in the total.

It is kind of strange this season how Memphis, Tennessee has had more snow that St. Louis. I hope that changes soon. I'd like to get a couple of good snows!

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