Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time for Ear Muffs?

July continue to be a cool month. No, not the kind of cool where you where sunglasses (i.e. Joe Cool pictured right), but cool temperature wise.

If you have followed my blog or watched me on tv, you know that I like finding interesting numbers/statistics to throw out. Here is today's dose of numbers...

July 2009:
  • To date, 20 out of the 26 days have been below average. That equates to 80.6% of the month being below normal.
  • You think California has a deficit? We have a temperature deficit of 135°! In other words, we are 5.2° below average per day this month.
  • We have hit 90° seventeen times since June 1. Only two of those days have been in July.
Looking over the next seven days, there are only two chances for us to get back to 90°. The first comes tomorrow (Monday). My forecast high is 89° for Cape Girardeau. If we can push it one more degree, we'll be back at 90°. The other chance would be maybe next Sunday.

Stay tuned...

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