Sunday, July 19, 2009

Record Temperatures

Hasn't it been great the last couple of days? High temperatures have been in the middle to upper 70's and low temperatures have been in the 50's. Who would have thought it was the middle of July???

Temperatures have been so cool that the last two days will go in to the record books.

Record Low Temperatures - Record low temperatures were broken Saturday, July 18 and Sunday, July 19.
  • Saturday, July 18:
    Low Temperature: 56°
    Previous Record Low: 57° (1984)
  • Sunday, July 19:
    Low Temperature: 54°
    Previous Record Low: 56° (1984)
We could end up breaking another low temperature Monday morning. The current forecast is calling for a low of 56° Monday morning. The current record is 60° set back in 1971.

Record Minimum High Temperatures - This one can be a little confusing. Record minimum high temperatures were set Saturday, July 18 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and Paducah, Kentucky.

  • Cape Girardeau, Missouri:
    High Temperature: 77°
    Previous Record: 79° (2003)
  • Paducah, Kentucky:
    High Temperature: 75°
    Previous Record: 77° (2003)
Here are some interesting statistics for Summer 2009.
  • To date, Cape Girardeau is 81° below average this month. That works out to 4.3° below average per day.
  • Looking back at June 2009 shows that Cape Girardeau was 2.1° above average per day.
  • Overall for meteorological summer (June 1 - July 19), we are 0.3° below average per day.
Hmm... Does your electricity bill reflect that?

Edit: Thought I would add in the yearly total. As of July 19, we are 92° above average or 0.5° above average per day.

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