Friday, July 10, 2009

Active Weekend

As is usual this time of the year for southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, western Kentucky, and northwest Tennessee fronts don't push through very often. It looks like we will see a decaying cold front stall out right over the top of the area for Saturday, Sunday, and maybe Monday.

The Storm Prediction Center seems to think there will be a chance for some severe storms around the area.

Here is the Day 2 Outlook from the SPC. This covers the time range from 7am Saturday through 7am Sunday.

Their discussion hints at the possibility of a line of storms forming a bow echo and moving through southern Illinois later Saturday evening. Before this happens, with warm temperatures and relatively high dew points (in the lower 70°'s) we could see scattered thunderstorms developing near the stalled out front. I think damaging wind would be the main threat from the pop-up thunderstorms.

Here is the Day 3 Outlook from the SPC. This covers the time range from 7am Sunday through 7am Monday.

SPC's forecasters seem to think that a complex of storms could be going on early Sunday morning... then pushing east in to southern Indiana/northern Kentucky. Then during the afternoon, there could be more scattered thunderstorm development.

Hopefully, we don't have too much going on late Sunday morning. I'm working for Laura Wibbenmeyer Sunday morning, plus my normal shifts. So that means I get to handle all weather duties from noon Saturday through Sunday night. I would like to be able to go home Sunday morning after the Weekend Breakfast Show and take a nap before having to come back in Sunday afternoon.

Stay tuned...

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