Friday, July 24, 2009

Need Your Advice

After months and months of talking about getting one, I finally did. I broke down and bought an iPhone 3GS.

So far it seems to work well and fast.

I haven't downloaded too many apps yet. Just some of the basic ones. Twitterfon, Facebook, ESPN's ScoreCenter, Batter Statues, TWC, iHandy Level, and RadarScope. I have to admit, RadarScope is a pretty cool application. (Although it does cost $9.95.)

So now I need your help. What apps do you recommend? I prefer the free ones, but if you have one that costs a little bit, tell me about it in the comment section.


Unknown said... is a nice site to find popular apps.

For me crucial ones are:
Tweetie, Facebook, Buddyfeed, Sportacular, Epocrates (I'm an MD), Huffingtonpost, Evernote, Google, and for addicton Stoneloops of Jurrasica!!

Unknown said...

I'd be interested in your thoughts on Weatherbug. my default weather app.