Friday, April 17, 2009

Do you cNews?

This post is going to be a blatant "copy/paste" from Christy Hendricks' (sorry Christ) blog. Christy is a web producer/reporter for KFVS12.

cNews - Be a part of the news

We have a new way for you to share news with us at Heartland News and the rest of the Heartland. It's cNews. Just click on the icon on our home page. You can upload your own pictures and video and view the uploads from other people. You can even rate the pics/videos and leave comments!

The Heartland is a big area and sometimes it's difficult for us to get to everything, so here's your chance to be a part of the news. If you see news happen, snap a picture, record some video. Upload it and tell us what happened. It might just make it on-air during one of our newscasts.

cNews is another way for you as a viewer to get more involved and hands on. It's also great because you can see what others submit.
If you do submit something, just know that it will take a bit to show up on the cNews page because each submission is reviewed before it is posted.
I look forward to seeing your pics and videos!

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