Sunday, April 12, 2009

1:30pm Weather Update

My previous post, I opened my mouth too soon about today's rain potential. Sometimes as meteorologists we rely too much on computer model forecast data. Now having looked at the radar, I see that indeed rain is heading our way. (The models could be a few hours too slow moving the rain in.)

Here is the radar image from 1:35pm CT. There is some rain trying to move north/northeast out of Arkansas in to southeast Missouri.

The front line of rain seems to be moving at around 21 mph. At that speed, it would start to move in to Bloomfield, Missouri around 2:40pm CT, Cape Girardeau, Missouri around 5pm CT, Carbondale, Illinois around 6:45pm CT.

Keep in mind, the initial rain activity will be light showers.

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Anonymous said...

John, Do you think it will be foggy in the morning?