Monday, January 7, 2013

Tornado: 2012 Year in Review

Now that we are a week in to 2013, annual weather statistics are starting to be published.  The Storm Prediction Center has put out their 2012 annual tornado statistics, “UnitedStates Tornadoes of 2012”.  It is an interesting read if you are in to severe weather.

(Courtesy: Jennifer Wasyliw Gasm)
A couple of interesting stats I’ve pulled out from the list.
  • 46 states had at least one tornado.
  • Approximately $1.6-billion in property and crop losses due to tornadoes.  That is down 84% from 2011.
  • The number of tornadoes in 2012 was approximately 20% lower than the 30-year national average.
  • About 60% of tornadoes from 2012 were rated EF-0 with winds 65-85 mph.
  • When EF-0 tornadoes are subtracted from 2012 total, the remaining EF-1 and stronger tornadoes will place 2012 among some of the least active years in the past 60 years.
 Nationally, the months with the top 5 number of tornadoes:
  1. April
  2. March
  3. May
  4. June
  5. January
Those top 5 months aren't surprising, although I am sure number 5 might make you think.  There is a secondary severe weather season during the winter.  Just an example that tornadoes can occur any time of year.

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Anonymous said...

I think I love severe weather more than winter weather. It's more exciting.