Sunday, August 29, 2010

You've Been Asking For It

Just a few more hours and it will be the start of fall... Meteorological Fall.

I've been getting asked a lot the last couple of weeks, "When will fall get here?" It starts this Wednesday at midnight.

Meteorologists break the year up in to four equal segments for the seasons.
  • Spring: March 1 - May 31
  • Summer: June 1 - August 31
  • Fall: September 1 - November 30
  • Winter: December 1 - February 28 (or 29)
Even though your calendar might say fall starts September 23, if you are in the mood for fall to begin just wait another 51 hours.

Which one of the season's is your favorite? Leave your answer in the comment section of the blog.


Holli said...

Autumn is my favourite month.. I love all things pumpkin! I live for this time of year. :)

Joy said...

Fall and Winter are my fav's, cool and comfortable weather, and frost and snow, I will take these any day, but the tornado season and the heat
do not like it at all..